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May 2016

The Most Famous Roofs Of The World

mansard roofThere are many types of roof in the world and each type has a special significance of its own.We all know that the roof is the most important part of your house. It saves us from hailstorm,sun,wind,storms and rain. It is our responsibilty to take care of our roof so that it stays in a good condition for years to come and saves our family whom we love so much from the nature’s wreath. Man is a great animal and the most intelligent of all.He has created various kinds of home roof according to the place and geographical condition.Every roof has a specific shape but the functions are somewhat similar for all of them.These roofs are described below:-

1- Flat Roof- One of the most basic type of roof is the flat roof which is found in areas of moderate climate.These roofs are flatter in shape.These are horizontal or nearly horizontal and made up of tar and gravel.These can last for years if coated with Polyurethane Foam Roofing.

2- Mansard Roof- This type of roof has four sides and is popularized by the french.That is why these are known as the french-style roofs.These are suitable for large houses as it consists of steep sides and double pitch.These roofs can be seen in plenty in Paris.

3- Skillion Roof- It is a single sloping roof surfaces normally used for houses.

4- Dome Shaped Roofs- As the name suggests itself,these roofs are dome shaped.These roof styles began in the middle east and had spread to almost all parts of the world.The dome shaped roof were used for the first time by the early man for preparing their houses made up of grass,tusks and bones.Some of the most popular dome structure in the world are the Taj Mahal in India(Asia) and the St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy.

Most Famous Roofs

1- Largest living roof in the world is the roof found in the Ford Motor office.This roof can be found in the Rouge Plant in Michigan and consists of grass.This is the largest area of green roof in the world.

2- Another famous roof garden is the ensington Roof Gardens which the people find interesting and close to nature.

3- Moses Mabhida Stadium where the Football World Cup 2010 was hosted had a great roof architecture.

4- The Panorama of the Pamirs is known as the Original Roof of the World.

5- One of the most unique roof is the Brazillian leaf roof which is located in a little beach outside Rio De Janeiro.

6- Another popular roof loacted in Seixal, Madeira is created Up sided which looks awkward to many of us.

7- The California Academy of Sciences has a green roof where the students can sit back,relax and have their lunch.

How To Build Solar Panels Step By Step

Build Solar PanelsThe arrival of DIY solar panels is expected to change the way an average home is powered. The real hurdle with home solar panels for many years has been their prohibitive initial cost, which are difficult to recover in trickles with monthly energy savings over a number of years. DIY solar panels, with their exceptionally low cost, are a perfect solution to this problem of economic viability of solar powered homes. However, one of the key challenges still remains for most people is how to build solar panels step by step on their own.

Lack of Awareness about DIY Solar Panels

A large section of the population is still unaware about the existence of do-it-yourself solar panels and their highly affordable cost. Many people still believe that solar panels are an expensive technology and it will take years before it can become practical for homes. However, the reality is that DIY solar panels are already here, and the problem of uneconomic factory-made solar panels for homes is already solved. Now it is possible to build your own solar panel at a fraction of the cost of a factory-built solar panel, without compromising the quality, resilience, or efficiency of the system.

A bigger hurdle that many DIY solar panel entrepreneurs face is that people have no idea how to build solar panels step by step at home. Most people who are aware of DIY panels are under the impression that it must be a complicated process to put together a perfect solar panel yourself and have it up and running efficiently in your home. However, the truth is that building a home solar panel with a do-it-yourself kit may be much easier than most science projects that an average teenager may be able to perform at home or school.

How to Popularize Home-built Solar Panels

The right way to increase the popularity of DIY solar panels and encourage people to switch over to this clean, renewable, and cheap source of energy is to educate people on how to build solar panels step by step at home. Once people know how easy it may be to assemble and install a solar panel at home, it will encourage them to opt for this technology to power their homes.

Building a solar panel at home is so easy that there is simply no economic rationale behind promoting expensive, factory-made solar panels that may not even recover their full cost within the lifetime of a solar panel, and the promised energy savings may never actually happen. DIY solar panels can be built at an astonishingly low cost, and it does not consume more than a few hours of work in a single day to put together and install your own DIY solar panel with the help of a do-it-yourself kit.

How to Build Solar Panels Step by Step

A few highly professional guides are available in the market that can walk you through the entire process ofbuilding your own solar panel at home step by step. Your home-built solar panel can be up and running in a matter of hours with the assistance of a quality how-to guide and video.

Organizing A Kitchen

Organizing A KitchenThere is no place as home, it is the place you wake up from, and go back to every time. Your personal house receives much traffic from you alone on a daily basis. Some areas like the kitchen can also determine how healthy you are when it is properly kept clean and neat. What goes in into your stomach every day is made from the kitchen and thus any dirt found within this place might affect you directly or indirectly. In cases like this, it is very important that the kitchen is kept free from clutters and made to be very clean and organized not only because it is one of the rooms in your house, but because it is the most precious place in your house which can man or make your stomach. Here are the tips to follow in organizing a kitchen.

The first thing you need to do in organizing a kitchen is to take a record of your kitchen’s situation. Make a list of the items in your kitchen in categories and determine whether you really need them to be present in that place. Ask yourself what you use often and those you don’t normally use. Items to keep nearer and those to keep a little bit far due to toxic nature or inflammability. There are probably certain items present in your kitchen which are not supposed to be there. Once you identified these items, you must understand that certain items must be trashed. Getting rid of things you really don’t need is critical for organizing a kitchen.

In the kitchen, the primary goal is always functionality and accessibility. Once you now have just the normal count of commodities needed to be in the kitchen, you must keep them in the order of accessibility and functionality. How will you do this? Some cooking utensils may be kept in a nearby container or just in a cupboard where they can be accessed as need be.

You are not supposed to use all the areas in your kitchen for all purposes. Divide in segments, use a certain place for meal planning, another place for meal cooking, another for food preparation, etc, in that order. This will help greatly in organizing a kitchen. Items needed for each category can easily be arranged in that place where they can be obtained with ease. Your dirt plates and washing items should be very closer to the sink where they can be reached with one or two steps.

Organizing a kitchen is a very good exercise that must be done for cleanliness purposes and to improve your healthy living. While planning for this cleaning exercise, you may have to obtain any other item as necessary like a basket, pantry and a refrigerator. So instead of piling up things around the kitchen, they can be kept in the appropriate places where accessibility and functionality will not be an issue.

How To Declutter Your House And Conquer The Clutter Once And For All

Declutter Your HouseAre you struggling to declutter your house?

Do you step over piles of clothes, papers and unidentifiable “stuff” just to get to your computer?

Although a family might be small, homes are larger then ever. Even with more square feet of living space, many still store attics, basements and storage units with clutter.

Have you come to a point where you realize you need to not only declutter your house, but reclaim your life?

Are you tired of hearing about using color-coded boxes and plastic storage containers when they don’t seem to be much help when you want to declutter your house. They just seem to produce more clutter anyway.

Admit what is really going on underneath all that “stuff”, which often leads to life-changing advances within yourself.

Clutter will rob you of so much, if your house is full of “stuff”, all the sanctions that could fill your house can’t get in. Don’t let the clutter take over. It robs you mentally. It makes it impossible to be at peace.

Stop suffering over your mess – discover how to declutter your house and conquer clutter one room at a time.

Tackle one room at a time

Don’t let the carpet-look of a lawn fool you. Behind closed doors of many households you will find substantial clutter. Do you have toys and clothing laying throughout the house? This illustrates a place you have lost control of. It is time to get back into the drivers seat and declutter your house.

Have you tried telling the children to put away their things, but realize there’s no particular place to put them? Plus, there are just too many items to keep track of. This does not mean you are lacking organizational skills.

Does the clutter effect others in the household? Possibly a significant other. Has their role as a mate or parent being jeopardized by the amount of clutter within the house.

Start to take all clothing out of each room first and then sort in a different location. Sort the clothes into 2 piles “keep” and “give-away”. Set aside a certain number of bins to fill. Once they are full move on.

To avoid clutter before it gets bad get rid of something when you buy something new. Don’t just buy because it is on sale.

Something many people overlook is intimacy. When you are intimate, when your relationship is powering along, that will fee the rest of the house. This is hard when you don’t have a room to be romantic in. Do you roll over onto piles of clothes, toys, books, or mail. Does it seem there is no place for you and your partner to be YOUSELFS. Once you realize this you can begin to declutter your house.

To clean out your bedroom get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past twelve months. That includes the high school or college clothes you refuse to give away. If it doesn’t fit the vision you have for your space, it must go.

Usually some paint and soft lighting will do wonders in a bedroom to bring back that spark.

Make cleanup fun.

Turn cleaning up into a game for kids with a bit of creativity. Have them responsible for certain items to pick up. Then count to three and see them fill up the containers with all the items.

Designate a place for everything toys, games, books,etc. Reward them for helping you declutter your house and keeping the areas clutter-free.

Also try to teach the children how to sort: garbage, sell, donate.

Use a hanger system.

A large problem many individuals have is with closet organization. This is from having too many clothes. Did you know we wear only twenty percent of our clothes eighty percent of the time. Here is a little test for you to see what you wear the most. Take all of your clothes out of the closet and then put them back facing one way. Then as you wear your clothes and put them back turn the hanger the opposite way.

After about six months or so go through everything still hanging in its original position. Ask yourself “Will I ever wear that?” Go though everything you haven’t worn in the past twelve months, doesn’t fit, not fashionable, or you just don’t like anymore, get rid of it.

You will be able to see what you want to wear before you even reach for it.

Do you really need something. If you hesitate, you don’t.

Do a quick run of your shoes. Make yes or no decisions on what to keep or give away. If you pause at all, it needs to leave.

You start to realize the blame doesn’t just fall on your partner or children. Talking responsibility for one’s OWN actions is half the battle. You have to look at yourself and be very honest about the impact of the situation at hand.

“Mystic Triangle” in your kitchen.

Did you know an organized kitchen can help you lose weight. It simply comes down to the way you choose to live. How can you stay thin if your kitchen is full of fat.

Just like how the master suite drives the home, the kitchen feeds the home. Not just food wise, but a whole psychological viewpoint.

Here are 2 tactics for keeping your kitchen thin and clean.

  • Establish a “mystic triangle” between the stove, refrigerator, and sink. Items you use often stay within the triangle, things less often outside the triangle. This ends up saving you time in the long run.
  • Next discover which utensils you use regularly with the cardboard box test. If you were wondering what utensils are used on a consistent basis try this out. Bring all the utensils out of the drawers and place them into the box. For the next few months, whenever you use any of those utensils, place them back into the drawer. After 5-6 weeks if it’s still in the box, you most likely won’t be using it.

By decluttering mentally, physically and emotionally you will open the door to your home.