Choosing The Right Air Conditioner Filter For Your Home

Air Conditioner FilterAir conditioners require filters so that their efficiency rating can be at an all-time high. They also help in protecting you from numerous respiratory conditions associated with inhaling unpurified air. In order to have these benefits, you need to invest in the proper air conditioner filter that matches your needs. An ideal filter is that which will not only guarantee you clean air but last for a reasonable amount of time before it can be replaced. Moreover, it has to fulfill its required task without causing any damage to the unit. There are various filter types that you can buy for your AC in order to achieve this.

There are numerous brands and types of air filters available in the market today. Therefore, you must select a filter that can deliver your air conditioning needs depending on your location. When you make the right selection, you do not only get to save money but avoid constant checks on the filter.

Panel Filters

These are standard air conditioner filters and come in various sizes. They are made from fiber glass strands and are among the cheapest filters in the market today. They offer very minimal protection to you and your HVAC system. They also wear out quickly and require constant replacement.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters are a better option than panel ones. They are not only cheap but give you the ability to reuse them. They can cost from $10-$100. They are very economical because they can be washed and installed again in your system. However, they suffer from constant clogging making it necessary to service them frequently. They are also as efficient as standard type filters.

Pleated Surface Filters

This variety can offer moderate protection at an affordable cost. They are relatively thick, with a thickness of up to 1 inch, which makes them durable and effective. However, their installation is not straightforward like other varieties. Therefore, you will need to seek for the services of a professional in order to install them correctly.

Electronic Air Filters

These are the most efficient air filters for your home AC although they are quite expensive. A typical electrostatic air filter can cost about $1000. They can be custom made to match your AC’s requirements, and you will also need a technician to install them. These filters also require regular maintenance and can moderately increase your electricity bills.

Other than these, there are also numerous high end filters that are not suitable for your home air conditioner.

From this, it is evident that choosing an air conditioner filter has to be done carefully so that you can invest in the right one. In case you are stuck, it is always advisable to involve an expert in this field to guide you.