The Best Way To Accomplish Interior Painting

Interior PaintingI am sitting on my patio thinking about the project that I like to accomplish the least. That would be painting. When I am on a project and the interior finishes start the painting is something that I could be at the opposite end of a 500,000 Square foot building. While the crew painting is at the furthest distance from me and I would have paint on me. So I think this article will be about the proper way to have the interior of a building painted.

Even though I can paint the most enjoyable way to have the interior of a building painted as far as I am concerned is have someone else do it. Enough about my thoughts on painting now let us to get to the subject at hand, the best way to accomplish the interior finish of painting.

In new buildings with no finish floor down the fastest way to paint the ceiling and walls is spraying with high build paint usually a 2 mil thickness. The best type of paint to use is an eggshell based paint finish; this is a washable paint, but does not have the wall imperfections telescope through the finish.

Windows are masked off, the spraying is done before any trim work or cabinets are installed in the units being sprayed. On some jobs the specifications forbid straying of the interior units for one reason or another so the walls have to be cut in and rolled.

When the walls and ceiling have to be rolled out I have seen the painters using rollers that are 2 feet long to put the paint on the walls and ceiling. They can paint a unit almost as fast as they stray a unit out. Rolling out the walls would also be done when you’re in a building that the floor finish is to stay or an occupied building. In these cases the floor finish has to be protected with sheet ploy or drop cloths.

In recent years the Architects have started to spec out that the ceilings are the same color as the walls, where they used to have the ceilings a white color. The Design Professionals have found out that the ceilings look lighter than the walls when you use the same paint as long as it is not a very dark color. It also looks better as where the painters cut in between the ceiling and the walls, if the corner is not perfect you can see the imperfections.

In my opinion if you are can spray the interior of a building high build paint should be used, the paint should begood quality eggshell based paint. When rolling the interior of a building large rollers can be used to save time. If the paint is not too dark you can use the same color on the ceiling as you used on the walls. If anyone has anything else to add to this email me so we can discuss it as I am always willing to learn something new.