The Most Famous Roofs Of The World

mansard roofThere are many types of roof in the world and each type has a special significance of its own.We all know that the roof is the most important part of your house. It saves us from hailstorm,sun,wind,storms and rain. It is our responsibilty to take care of our roof so that it stays in a good condition for years to come and saves our family whom we love so much from the nature’s wreath. Man is a great animal and the most intelligent of all.He has created various kinds of home roof according to the place and geographical condition.Every roof has a specific shape but the functions are somewhat similar for all of them.These roofs are described below:-

1- Flat Roof- One of the most basic type of roof is the flat roof which is found in areas of moderate climate.These roofs are flatter in shape.These are horizontal or nearly horizontal and made up of tar and gravel.These can last for years if coated with Polyurethane Foam Roofing.

2- Mansard Roof- This type of roof has four sides and is popularized by the french.That is why these are known as the french-style roofs.These are suitable for large houses as it consists of steep sides and double pitch.These roofs can be seen in plenty in Paris.

3- Skillion Roof- It is a single sloping roof surfaces normally used for houses.

4- Dome Shaped Roofs- As the name suggests itself,these roofs are dome shaped.These roof styles began in the middle east and had spread to almost all parts of the world.The dome shaped roof were used for the first time by the early man for preparing their houses made up of grass,tusks and bones.Some of the most popular dome structure in the world are the Taj Mahal in India(Asia) and the St. Peter’s Basilica in Italy.

Most Famous Roofs

1- Largest living roof in the world is the roof found in the Ford Motor office.This roof can be found in the Rouge Plant in Michigan and consists of grass.This is the largest area of green roof in the world.

2- Another famous roof garden is the ensington Roof Gardens which the people find interesting and close to nature.

3- Moses Mabhida Stadium where the Football World Cup 2010 was hosted had a great roof architecture.

4- The Panorama of the Pamirs is known as the Original Roof of the World.

5- One of the most unique roof is the Brazillian leaf roof which is located in a little beach outside Rio De Janeiro.

6- Another popular roof loacted in Seixal, Madeira is created Up sided which looks awkward to many of us.

7- The California Academy of Sciences has a green roof where the students can sit back,relax and have their lunch.