Why Do It Yourself?

Why Do It YourselfMan was invented to provide, and in the interest of political correctness I will modify that to humans were invented to provide, just in case there really were women out there at the dawn of time who would have preferred to cut down a few tree and slit a few brontosaurus throats all in the name of providing food and shelter for the family.

In this current age looking at what appears on the street of the town I live on a Saturday night I’m pretty sure if some of the females were around a few millennium ago the men would have quite happily grabbed the egg flip and hoverosaurus and allowed them to get on with it!

Which is not the point of why we should do it ourselves.

Doing something yourself gives a feeling of self worth be it unblocking the toilet when you have a house full of guests coming for Christmas dinner or actually going out and shooting something for the pot.

Perhaps the actually shooting for the pot may be a out of most peoples range of activities if living in a first World country but it is still very much on the agenda in many economy class countries.

When you haul back dinner for the family in an economy class World it goes a little beyond a feeling of self worth when there is no other alternative, the closest Wal-Mart being 5000 miles due north, but regardless of the consequences of not doing the providing bit, it must be a lot more satisfying than running around the aisles of the local super market and the acquiring it all by flashing a credit card at the end of the hunt?

The DIY we are talking about probably will NOT save you any money, except of course if its un-blocking the over flowing toilet or changing a light bulb.

Satisfying DIY projects are ones where you actually build stuff yourself like garden sheds, furniture or your kids toys, when it is a little more than a hobby but not your job.

Not to say that some Do it Your Self projects out there can’t be quite lucrative but the main gain is the exercise your mind gets.

We have been conditioned for so long now that we can’t do it that we now actually can’t!

We could, or in some cases our parents or grandparents.. could!

So why can’t we? Actually we can and in doing so you will learn so much more about being self confident (unless of course the chair you made broke the first time someone sat on it) re-learn basic common sense and of course there is always a huge felling of pride when you achieve something you never thought you could do… yourself!